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Tonga Tales
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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Children of Tonga

Tonga Tales June 4th, 2012

The Children of Tonga

This blog will be mostly just pictures.  We have seen some wonderful sights, and have met some special people during our time here in Tonga, but of all the sights and people that we have gotten to know the young children are without a doubt the greatest blessing.  Very few Tongans have washing machines, yet each day these young children go to school dressed in clean pressed school uniforms.  Their hair is braded for the girls and the boy have short hair cuts and white shirts.  All this washing is done in a five gallon buckets.  Anywhere you go in Tonga you will see a clothes line with white shirts hanging out to dry in many different sizes.

These children are happy and love to wave at the Palangis as we walk or drive by. They smile and those big brown eyes sparkle.  They seem to stay this way until they get to be about 12, then you see them becoming more serious, and withdrawn.  I think it has to do with the way the Tongans treasure little children then as they get older they have to get into the work world and the control that the Tongan Culture practices on keeping the males from the females. It seems to take much of the creative and spontaneous actions away from the youth.

Please enjoy these great pictures.  
Toa and the Twins

What you want Bub

Lupi Loves Sister Smith

That is a knife that young man is holding

Playing in the Yard

One Year Old

Riding to the Blow Holes with Lupi

To Cute to Miss

On the way to School
I'm going to be Sealed to my Parents

This is my Sister

The Seminar Teachers Daughter

Trick or Treat American Style

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